Joe Camoosa’s Vivid Works of Art

Joe Camoosa has a creative imagination that is clearly seen in his paintings. When I look at his artwork, my eyes start to see different images and slowly a story starts to appear. Of course, each person may see a different story. That’s the beauty of Camoosa’s artwork.

“…Most of my work contains some semblance of a map.  Making and using a map is a way to understand what is in front of me, a tool for discovery that aids my journey toward new and unnameable destinations.  In addition to cartography, my paintings and drawings explore the relationships between color, space and movement.”-Joe Camoosa

About Camoosa:

Joe Camoosa was born in New Jersey, and currently resides in Atlanta, GA. He received his MFA in Painting & Drawing at the University of Georgia, and graduated from Florida State University where his focus was Mass Communications and Anthropology.

“Also Available on Cassette”
“Behind the Curtain”
“Cut Outs”
“Tell Me Where the Story Is”
“Under the Radar”
“Above it All”



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