Finding Art in the Pumpkin Patch

There’s so much art in nature and a great example of this is the pumpkin patch. My son and I visited the local pumpkin patch and I was mesmerized by the ongoing rows of beautiful pumpkins. Such a richness of color, in addition to occasional white pumpkins popping out to give their own creative form of beauty. It’s so much fun finding the beauty in the most simplistic things.  



Ocmulgee Indian Festival

There’s so much excitement in the crisp Fall air! This season also brings about an array of cultural celebrations like the  Ocmulgee Indian Festival which was held this past month at the Ocmulgee Indian Mounds in Central GA. As I stepped outside of the car, I was immediately captivated by the sound of the drums. My eyes and ears were blessed by the my beautiful ancestral music, dance, and art…



Jon Moody

Jon Moody is a talented Athlete and Artist who uses his creative abilities to provoke self reflection on today’s society. Using his paintbrush, he brings awareness to social, economical, and worldly issues in the efforts to bring much needed change to this world. Awesome work!!!

Jon Moody Paintings, December 2015, New Orleans, Louisana – Photography by Justin Chan



National Youth Justice Awareness Month (October) Building Awareness


National Youth Justice Awareness Month- White House

 For More Information about the artist: please click here.

In the spirit of the Rio Olympics: French art photographer JR has placed breathtaking artwork through out Rio de Janeiro and has captivated the hearts of everyone around the world.

“The idea is to evoke these athletes who train all over the world with the dream of making it to the Olympics. Sometimes they fall just short, like Mohamed (the Sudanese high jumper), who was injured just before coming to Rio,” JR said.



Telmo Miel

Telmo Miel is an artistic duo comprised of Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann. I love their art work because of its realism and beautiful craftsmanship. Their artwork definitely strikes conversation.


“Glove Conquers All III”
“Two of One Kind”
“Don’t Say Nothing”



Joe Camoosa’s Vivid Works of Art

Joe Camoosa has a creative imagination that is clearly seen in his paintings. When I look at his artwork, my eyes start to see different images and slowly a story starts to appear. Of course, each person may see a different story. That’s the beauty of Camoosa’s artwork.

“…Most of my work contains some semblance of a map.  Making and using a map is a way to understand what is in front of me, a tool for discovery that aids my journey toward new and unnameable destinations.  In addition to cartography, my paintings and drawings explore the relationships between color, space and movement.”-Joe Camoosa

About Camoosa:

Joe Camoosa was born in New Jersey, and currently resides in Atlanta, GA. He received his MFA in Painting & Drawing at the University of Georgia, and graduated from Florida State University where his focus was Mass Communications and Anthropology.

“Also Available on Cassette”
“Behind the Curtain”
“Cut Outs”
“Tell Me Where the Story Is”
“Under the Radar”
“Above it All”


Jay Kaes

Jay Kaes is an amazing multifaceted artist from London. He enjoys traveling around the world sharing his amazing artwork on sides of buildings and street corners alike. This Artist truly has an eye for color and 3-dimensional factors that seem to bring this amazing art to life.






Captain Fanta

Alexander Vermin a.k.a Captain Fanta is a talented German artist that has definitely taken the art scene by storm. I was introduced to him via Instagram. His amazing talent for abstract really speaks to me. I LOVE HIS WORK and hope you will also!

front of canvas

“Wrong Side of the Canvas”

back of canvas

“Back of the Canvas”




You will travel back into time when you visit the Samurai Studio in Shinjuku, Tokyo. This place will provide you with the opportunity to take an exclusive professional portrait shooting in original Samurai Armor-fully handmade by awesome Japanese craftsmen! This studio is one of a kind! You should definitely put this on your Must-See list when you visit Tokyo, Japan.